"Imaginative and engaging"

"Like an overly enthusiastic tour guide, Losowsky finds meaning in every detail. Every name and adornment has significance. The stories here overlap and the characters interact to form a unique saga that is both imaginative and engaging... It's a breath of fresh air for those willing to lose their grip on rationality and accept Losowsky's sometimes outrageous sensibility." -- LA Times

"There is nothing insubstantial about this charming collection"

"Andrew Losowsky's The Doorbells of Florence is open to accusations of whimsy, but there is nothing insubstantial about this charming illustrated collection... A gossamer thread - a stranger who wanders the streets giving away two-euro coins - connects the tiny stories." -- Time Out London

"Like no book I have had the pleasure of before"

"The concept is original and the story behind the book is just as charming as its content... At 128 pages, you can fit this jewel into most any day, say, between Easter baskets and the seasonal ham later in the day. But, like me, you will probably make plans to go back and visit your new quirky acquaintances again. Like no ones you have met before. Like no book I have had the pleasure of before." -- Nonsuch Book

"Pick up a copy of this book"

"A beautiful little hardcover from Chronicle Books... The stories are sweet and mysterious and some are very short, less than a couple of paragraphs. In some ways they remind me of the movie Amelie because Andrew gives quick glimpses into the lives of some very quirky individuals... Pick up a copy of this book. (I recommend it for subway travel.)" -- Book By Its Cover

"The design is spectacular"

"Each short story is juxtaposed beside a beautiful full-colour photograph that Losowsky shot of actual doorbells throughout Florence... The design and layout of the book is spectacular, with a unique title typeface that gives the book an artistic flare. Losowsky's photography is crisp, well-framed and textured. The Doorbells of Florence is a rare collection of photography and typographical mastery coupled with solid flash fiction stories about regular people." -- A'n'E Vibe

Note: the following reviews refer to an earlier, self-published edition of The Doorbells of Florence

"Could easily become one of the most popular cult books of the decade"

"Let it be said now: THE DOORBELLS OF FLORENCE by Andrew Losowsky could easily become one of the most popular cult books of the decade. From the first image to the final words, you will love it all...

The book--images to prose--is absolutely outstanding. The stories are clever and each as unique as a fingerprint, from pages long to one sentence. And the images, well . . . who knew something as static and manmade could be so beautiful and thought-provoking? The book is cool, and stylish, and even a little trippy." -- POD-dy Mouth

"A literary inferno"

"Losowsky's narrative style is smooth and supple, as he is able to move about with great ease within the confines of his stories - that is, whenever his characters aren't leading him.

The stories are light and airy, even playfully impulsive; and this is the beauty of the book. But it probably wouldn't have been possible without those wonderful photos; they are the early spark of this literary inferno." -- POD Critic

"Genuinely funny and moving"

"What we have here is a gem, carefully polished and shaped by a master craftsman. Andrew Losowsky is a journalist by profession, and he knows how to convey a great deal in a short space; what is more, his work is genuinely funny and moving." -- Grumpy Old Bookman