Early in the morning of April 14th 2010, the ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano closed European airspace for eight days. Thousands of people were stranded, all over the world – including me.

The perfect opportunity for a magazine that would connect this bizarre global community of circumstance. I put out a call for contributors that was picked up by media all over the world. There was only one condition: everyone had to be stranded, like me, due to the ash cloud. Once we were in touch, I gave them an assignment.
Stranded magazine is an 88-page publication with more than 50 contributors, all of whom were stranded as a result of the volcanic ash cloud.
Among its features:

• Volcano cocktail recipes from around the globe
• A famous vulcanologist puts things into perspective
• An acclaimed novelist writes a horror story set inside the ash cloud
• 53 top journalists and the head of London's Design Museum have a 16-hour race to catch a boat

plus how an eruption in Iceland caused a resignation in Afghanistan, an exclusive piece of graffiti art, a chance encounter with a cute Parisian waiter, a playlist for abandoned airports, and much, much more.
All proceeds go directly to The International Rescue Committee, a charity dedicated to helping people who are stranded in a more permanent way all over the world.

"Interesting, gorgeous... would not look out of place at Barnes & Noble." -- The New York Times

"It's the kind of magazine that you'll want to casually leave lying on your coffee table when you have guests round, then leave the room hoping that they'll pick it up and flick through it, and be impressed that you own it." -- Wired.co.uk

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