Community-based projects
A screenshot of the moderation interface of Coral
An open source commenting platform built for a safer, better conversation
A window display and a museum created on a busy street in Providence, RI
A series of guides, workbooks, and even a card game to help improve community strategy across different companies
A screenshot of images containing a single word, created by contributors to the Isolated online magazine
An online community and print magazine created while under lockdown during the COVID pandemic
The cover of Stranded magazine
A magazine created by people stranded around the world due to a volcanic eruption
A collection of people who make magazines posing with masks in a painted room
A celebration of independent magazines and the people who make them
A series of people pouring water from bottles into a river, lit by a flaming brazier nearby. Photo by Gordon Stillman.
A public event marking the history of slavery in Rhode Island
A google hangout screen showing Pulitzer winner Ayad Akhtar pointing with other faces below
A new kind of online book club for The Huffington Post
Three people standing by giant game pieces, while someone with a microphone is looking off camera
A large-scale board game created for the BMW Guggenheim Lab
Four people holding copies of My Favourite Magazine
A publication created to raise money for Bob Newman's recovery fund
An event series that brings new perspectives to challenging problems